The Coffee Break Screenwriter




The Coffee Break Screenwriter written by Pilar Alessandra tells its readers the best way to create a screenplay part by part and just by using 10 minutes of their time during each session.


The book is perfect for busy people or for those who are struggling with multiple jobs because it aims on helping the readers learns about screenwriting using exercises that won’t take much of their time. It also includes discussions on the basic knowledge regarding screenwriting. The book is also filled with worksheets that the readers can use in applying everything that they have learned from the book’s contents. Also, the questions are meant to guide the readers in discovering what they really want to write about and pointing out the correct path to take in order to get there.


Before becoming the director for the Los Angeles writing program, On the Page, Inc., Pilar Alessandra worked for various companies like DreamWorks and Radar Pictures as well as with ImageMovers, Saturday Night Live Studios, and The Robert Evans Company. You can check out her blog and podcast and take online classes from her website.