Story Robert Mckee



Our take On The Text Book Story

Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting is a book written by the very popular Robert Mckee which provides the readers with knowledge and concepts that are vital in the process of screenwriting. It discusses the various elements of screenwriting and how each these elements work together as a whole.


The book is well-written and provides the readers important insights about the art of screenwriting. It clearly discusses the process of screenwriting and points out what the writer exactly aims for when writing for the screen. While the book focuses more on the discussion of classical Hollywood narrative, the author does not forget that there are other narrative styles that writers can use in their work. Moreover, the book is divided into several sections with each part focused on discussing an important aspect of screenwriting like the relationship of the writer and the story, the elements and principles of a story, and how writers fare in craft while at work.


Some people dislike the inclusion of the author’s observations and personal stories as he discusses the ways by which people can write a better screenplay. There are also some who disagree with categories used in grouping the different kinds of stories which of some people, do not really make sense at all. Moreover, the author seems to deviate from the principles that he’s discussing when he starts citing of examples on which principles are supposedly applied.


Robert McKee discusses in the book the importance of embedding the character’s dialogue in the minds of a film’s viewers. The book can be thought of as a written version of the things that he teaches in his seminars. The author aims to reintroduce to the readers the process of screenwriting as a craft and not just some means of earning money.


Robert McKee holds various classes in a number of places like Los Angeles, New York, London, and other areas that focus on the film industry. He has also received various recognitions during his career and has worked for major companies like Tri-Star and Golden Harvest Films.