Screenplay Syd Fields

Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting written by Syd Field provides the readers a glimpse of the things that happen in the film industry. Starting from the brainstorming of ideas and conceptualization of various characters up to the moment of coming up with an acceptable script, the book lists down guidelines for people who want to be screenwriters, with the aim of sharpening their writing skills. Moreover, the guidelines focus on teaching the screenwriters about the importance of catching the readers’ attention with just the first few pages on their scripts and the ways by which they can come up with a script that is complete with a sound dialogue, a good story line, a characters that are easily engraved on the readers’ minds.


The book sheds new light on the film industry for aspiring screenwriters. It gives the readers a new perspective when it comes to movies, scriptwriting, and making screenplays. The guidelines presented in the book provides the readers a walkthrough regarding the complete process of producing a script. When the author introduces new concepts and ideas, he makes it a point to let the readers know why knowledge of such principles can be very important in their journey towards scriptwriting. The three act paradigm of a screenplay is very helpful in enlightening the readers about the concept of writing a good script.


Some readers disagree with the author’s advice in using a plot point/page correlation in scriptwriting. For others, the formula that the author presents is one definite way to kill the creativity and impede the evolution of film industry as it dictates that a script must follow a certain format and contains a definite set of story elements.


Syd Field has been called as the “guru of all screenwriters” by a lot of people. His works in screenwriting are also recognized by a number of professionals and people who are widely known in Hollywood. He wrote some best-selling books which include Screenplay, The Screenwriter’s Workbook, and The Screenwriter’s Problem Solver. In addition, Syd Field worked for the Getty Center and as a screenwriting consultant in various countries like Germany, Norway, Mexico, Austria, Germany, and many others. He also received recognition awards like the induction to the Screenwriting Hall of Fame of the American Screenwriting Association and the Final Draft Hall of Fame Award. Syd Field was also known for mentoring some award-winning and nominated filmmakers and writers like Alfonso Cuaron, Frank Darabont, Anna Hamilton, John Singleton, and others.