Save The Cat


Save the Cat! is a book that aims to provide the readers with knowledge on how screenwriters can convince people to purchase his script. Basically, it wants to show people the selling the script is just as easy as saving a cat. A beat system used in breaking the script is also introduced wherein a script is dissected to 15 beats just like a number of movies which followed the same beat system.


The book is perfect for aspiring screenwriters. It also entails the struggles undergone by writers who want to make it big on the industry of scriptwriting. The author does not fail to discuss the importance of various factors like a good title, pitch, and concept in the process of producing a sound a quality script. Moreover, he helps the readers in understanding the importance of making a story that is more or less like the ones written by other people but is also a bit unique on its own. There are also guidelines on how a script should be properly rewritten and reshaped and the final step to be taken once the script is finished. One great thing about the book is that it gives the readers honest discussions and directions that will make it easier for them to understand the basic process of screenwriting.


Some people think that the book is overrated and the information that it offers can be easily found in other resources. There are also some who disagree with the author in coming up with new schemes and categories of story genre. They greatly think that the author’s aim in refurbishing the various theories and principles on writing make it harder for other aspiring writers to create a sound script.


A member of the Writers Guild of America, Blake Snyder had been a screenwriter and producer for over 20 years. Some of his works include the Blank Check for Disney and Nuclear Family for Steven Spielberg. He also wrote the sequel to the book entitled, Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies: The Screenwriter’s Guide to Every Story Ever Told; and its accompanying software, Save The Cat! The Last Story Structure Software You’ll Ever Need. The method introduced by Blake has been a great help to other kinds of professionals like executives, managers, and producers.