Rebel Without A Crew



Rebel Without a Crew written by Robert Rodriguez discusses the various strategies and techniques that helped the author in achieving success with his first film, El Mariachi, even though he was forced to work and make amends with a very small budget. The book is both a journal and a manual, with the author listing down details on the production of his film and relating how he managed to finish the movie in such a tight budget.


A lot of people will be inspired when they learn about Rodriguez’s struggles when he went on doing the movie El Mariachi with just $7000 in his pockets and his self. The book is written in a very lively and humorous manner making the readers think that they are not reading a book about film making but rather, it’s like they are learning about the adventures of one of their closest friends. Before they finish reading the book, readers will realize that it is not impossible for anyone, even without crew and money, to make a good and quality movie.


Some readers contend that there is nothing specific about film making that can be learned from the book. Other people on the other hand are looking for further discussions about the author’s shooting and directing styles. The author also mentions some tips about film making but such tips are now inapplicable since the film industry has now adapted the digital and modern methods of filmmaking.


Aside from being widely recognized in the industries of screenwriting and film making, Robert Rodriguez has also been known for introducing the “Mariachi-style” and “one-man film crew” styles in the art of filmmaking. Some of the films that he made are Sin City, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, The Faculty, Spy Kids, and Planet Terror. He is also the person behind the establishment of Troublemaker Studios.